Raising 'hex' over Konica's late but still great series of SLR lenses

A very vibrant and so far polite discussion on a dead-tech lens series has taken over the topic posts of the I SHOOT FILM group on Flickr.

The lenses in question are Hexanons. They were made by the now-defunct Konica film camera division mainly for its SLR cameras series, the Autoreflex.

The Hexanon has a small but loyal following (including yours truly). They are apt to sing its praises as they have for the last week on Flickr at the instigation of a site user, Mark H.

He asked the simple question:

"What is it with Konicas?"

If you couldn't be bothered to read all 170 posts on the topic: final score is the T3N body is the best of all the Konicas for its durability, low maintenance, full mechanical operation. The finest lens in the series is the 50mm with a maximum aperture of F1.7. It made the mark for being the sharpest and one noted for its ability to give "roundness" to the scenes it documents.

For more info on Konicas, visit the on-line authority, Dr. Buhl of Germany.