Nikon D40 + M42 to K/AR mount adapter + CZ Jena Biotar 58mm f2

Canon MC

Minolta Freedom Escort

The equivalent of the blue screen of death for the cheap flickr user.

By Tony Kemplen: reflected self-portrait with Voigtlander Bessa-L camera

Fujifilm X100 autofocus viewfinder camera

Biotar on AR adapter on Nikon D40 shoots Tessar

Classic Lens Designs

C Z Jena 58mm f2 lens with Konica Autoreflex TC with a Konica M42 Adapter

Pentax Program Plus with Auto Chinon 50mm f1.4

How not to take a picture of a camera for craigslist

Auto Chinon 50mm f1.4 K-Mount

Warhol camera hunt update

Ambivalent shot of the day (or Goodbye Summer)

Olympus Infinity or AF-1

From Canon's first commercially available digital EOS SLR

Vernacular photography or found photography

Nikon AF 600 or Lite Touch

Recent activities

Wanted: Nikon Coolpix 700

Konica TC-X