Up and ostensibly running: Houghton-Butcher Pressman with Linhof Board and Schneider Kreuznach Symmar Convertible

With the Nikon L135AF, the L35AF's poor cousin

More about the Hanimex 35 Micro Flash

Nice Andy Warhol shot with Chinon Infrafocus 35F-MA

Braun Paxette II M

Nikon L135AF, not quite the real thing

A happier Father's Day: Pics and Video on fathers, sons, photographs and cameras

My sons' drawings of my father's Nikon F with 43-86mm Nikkor zoom

By the way, if you don't know, I like Nikon L35AFs

Um, awesome, the Vancouver Camera Show is next weekend

My Grandfather's Farm

Tessar lenses and their clones like the Industar 50-2

Roughed up yet wonderous: CZ Jena Biotar 58mm f2

Konica T4 with 50mm f1.4 Super Takumar (I think) with M-42 to K/AR adapter ring

Konica T4 with 40mm f1.8 Hexanon and 400 ASA film

Mamiya M 35mm point and shoot

It's been a while... but hey look, a clean Nikon FM and an E Series Lens