Acquisition: Olympus XA-2 leads to selling two faves OR You buy some you sell some, such is life

A Pair of Olympus XA2s, originally uploaded by Arty Smokes.
I just ordered this camera by phone.

Arty_Smokes is a compact camera connaisseur has a good flickr post about them. His picture is featured above.

I put it on credit. Yikes. It will be coming in from Victoria, BC. I usually buy in person and I only go for deals. But I couldn't resist the design, look, and capabilities of the camera.

To pay for it, I've had to post two cameras on Craigslist locally.

One is the Pentax UC-1 or Pentax Espio Mini:

Pentax Espio Mini

...the other is the Konica Big Mini BM-302.

Very sad indeed but sometimes you have to make a choice. The above cameras will only attract true fans which is fine by me.

**Update, December 2010 - I never sold this Big Mini. I have fostered it to a friend and I've kept one for myself!

Here are the Big Mini BM-302 specifications:

Click image below to make it larger: