Hanimex 35 Micro Flash

Hanimex 35 Micro Flash, originally uploaded by *jj*.

This is my most viewed camera on flickr.

It is popular because it falls into alignment with passionate lomographers. It seems like such an underdog device - which is part of its charm.

This month I became more enthusiastic about viewfinder cameras...see posts below...in the same way I like compact autos. I think it's because I want to lose control and not know exactly what I have captured.

The last few weeks, I've thought about getting this odd and very tiny VF camera back into action but its only major flaw is the attached flip-up lens cover/flash. It's doesn't look innocuous when street shooting.

I've thought of taking off the flash cover but haven't been able to bring myself to do it.

In Japan, you can even buy them deadstock minty!