Hyack Festival 2014 with Olympus Pen-F and Konica Auto S3

There are those days I eagerly await during the year. The Vancouver Camera Show and Swap-Meet is one. Another is the Hyack Festival.

For the last eight years I have documented the Hyack Parade. Attracted by the costumes and the idea of catching participants before the parade begins, I set out hours before the official start of the event to take portraits as they are marshaled.

This year I shot with two recent purchases: the Olympus Pen-F and the Konica Auto S3. With both cameras I used a cheap Vivitar 16M manual flash. It just flashes. It has auto nothing.

I used rolls of Kodak 200 (Olympus in the half-frame) and Fuji 400 (Konica in full-frame). Both were expired.