Minolta Hi-matic S2

Minolta Hi-matic S2, originally uploaded by *jj*.
I think I have found it. The camera I've been looking for.

It has a manual advance and rewind AND an on-board flash. My search for a replacement for my Nikon L35AF may be over.

There's not much about it on the internet. It is a sleeper with some of the great performance you would find in a Lomo LC-A or a Minox 35.

To wit: It has a great autoexposure/shutter system. I believe it can go as slow as 2 secs to4 secs. Which makes it quite the nighthawk. I've covered the CdS sensor and the shutter stays open a good long while.

It also has a minimum focusing of 30 inches!

Okay, one problem, it beeps if the shutter speed drops below 1/40. I may disable it if I can find the noisemaker. It's annoying.

The lens is a tad of a mystery. It doesn't carry the Rokkor tag. Hoever, this camera was released during Minolta's design heyday of the Leica CL period.

I may have hit a sleeper.

From camera-wiki:

  • Focus: Manual, zone focusing
  • Focus Range: 0.8 meters to infinity
  • Exposure control: CdS cell, auto-exposure
  • Lens: Minolta 38mm focal length/ minimum aperture of f2.8
  • Filter Thread: 46 mm
  • Film Range: ASA 25 to ASA 400, set manually
  • Battery: 2 x AA alkaline batteries


  1. I'm looking at one of these myself. Have you been satisfied with it? Any dislikes?


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