Advice: Any ideas on how I can jump-start my film shooting?

"Here's my dilemma:

I have some very nice, minty 35mm cameras (X-700, Autoreflex T, Elan II, etc). I've been shooting film since I was eight years old, and I taught myself to develop B&W film when I was in the eighth grade.I love film and I'd love to buy lots of it so I can do my part to convince film manufacturers that there is a demand. My problem is that I already have a ton of very good film in my fridge that I just can't seem to find a way to burn through.

Being 45 years old and working evenings, I don't spend too much time hanging out in coffee shops, bars or skate parks. I have countless photos of my yard and my cat. I shoot a lot when I travel, but I don't travel very often. Add to that the fact that I like to shoot with my digital cameras too.

Can anyone share any ideas on how you pushed yourself to shoot more film? I'd love to be one of those people who carries their camera with them everywhere they go, but I just can't seem to find a way to make that happen. If anyone has any creative ideas that helped you burn through more film I'd love to hear them."


One of the best ways to get going is making PHOTO DATES.

Ask a few good friends to let you take environmental portraits of them in their homes. I can be a gift to them.

Keep it simple and relaxed. Do it during the days or weekends. Use natural light (in other words simplify your rig). Bring a 50mm and that's all, a la Bresson. His photo-portraits are amazing.

It is a great way of catching up with people and a different way to spend time with them. You might even gain some insight into who they are through the exercise.