Acquisition: Yashica 35 MF zone focusing camera

Yashica 35 MF

I love using my compact autofocus cameras. I have one photo series dedicated to their use.

I depend on my Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic ยต[mju:] and my Olympus Infinity Stylus (original) to take many of them. But I especially love my Nikon L35AF, aka Pikaichi, which I recently gave as a Christmas present to a good friend.

I truly believe the best gifts are ones you have a deep connection to. Of course the other thoughtful part is to give it to a person who will grow to love the present as much as you did...child of like giving a child for adoption or naming someone in your will (gulp) to be your child's guardian.

It reflects your esteem for the adopter and your deep need to protect the adoptee. Okay, this is really about inanimate cameras but any how...

I'm saying I've been looking for a replace for the L35AF.

The thing is while I've been enjoying the random joy of auto exposure and on-camera flashes...battery power is ever my worry.

A few days ago I fantasized about a camera that was more energy efficient.

This dream camera, I do have this semi-conscious thoughts about photo equipment, would not use battery power for film advance or rewind. Instead, only the on-board flash and meter would draw power. But who thought such a camera would exist.

It does! You see above my latest acquistion. $10 at the local SPCA Thrift. I convinced my love, M. to come with me. And we found this in their pile o' yucky cameras - the Yashica 35 MF. Outside of point and shoots and Konicas, I dig Yashicas. Like Hexanons on Konicas, I love the way Yashicas give character to the image. They feel rounder than my Nikon images.

Yashica 635

My Yashica J

Note the Yashica 35 MF isn't a classic Yashinon or even a Yashikor but nevertheless I am excited and will give it a test drive soon. Plus I post some specs.

Zwartwit on Flickr says the specs are the same as the Yashica 35 ME. But I'm not so sure. Nowhere does the camera say the lens is a Yashinon.

Proof will be in the pudding, I suppose. I am, as you can tell, very pleased with myself.