Acquisition: Olympus Infinity Jr

Minimum focusing distance (the closer the better) is: 0.65m or around 26 inches.
It takes AAA or CR123A batteries.

Recent notes: December 2010 -

Aka AF-10 Super.

In December 2010, there was some recent discussion about how quickly this camera focuses.

I believe it is quick because it only has three focusing distances.\

I own an Olympus Trip AF (with a ZUIKO lens, even) but it only has two distance settings for the lens. Four to ten feet and ten to infinity is all you get.

I noticed in Camerapedia, Fedglass had posted an Olympus Infinity S with a 35mm f3.5 lens with three focusing options. I wonder if this Infinity Jr/AF-10 Super follows the same auto focus settings as the Infinity S or if it can go as close as 26 inches.

New notes of April 14, 2011 - I finally finished shooting a roll and was disappointed to find the motor advance was not working properly. Unfortunately this one has gone into the bin. Non-emoticon sadness and regret.


  1. I hope you find another one someday. I have one but it does not have the flash control slider. Now that I see this version exists I may keep my eye out for one. I have come to love these Olympus clamshell cameras for shooting one handed while riding my bike and just having the camera ready at a moments notice. I keep the lanyard around my neck and stow the camera in a breast pocket on my shirt/jacket.

    I had a mju-i but I think it was faulty and it felt cheap. I have the mju-ii as well but I am uncertain if the AF is correct and it is almost too small and slippery for one handed use.

  2. I find these all the time in Goodwill stores. A little white vinegar usually removes the leaked-alkaline battery residue. $2.99 for my most recent acquisition. Biggest issue: removing the price sticker glue.


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