a new obsession

Konica C35 EF aka C35 New EF aka Pikkari

Okay, I've been distracted. And a bit of a procrastinator. I'm supposed to be working on my father's suit. But lately, instead, I've been visiting and editing I've been tending this stub on the Konica C35 EF. Partly because another camera encyclopaedian ASSUMED the C35 EF was the same as the other C35's.

It is not. It has fewer shutter speeds on the negative side but on the positive, it was the first compact camera in the world with the on-board electronic flash.

My stub editing is a result of my excitement regarding this camera. However, last night I saw some schmata in the lens which I didn't notice before. It's on one of the inside lenses. I despaired but only for a moment.

I rarely buy a perfect used camera. My excitement always makes me overlook detecting any flaws. Still, I hope the camera works out. Ted Grant of Magnum (a Canadian) once said lens flaws gives your pictures some character. I think I'll subscribe to this view.