Balda Baldalux, negatives shot over mini light table

With Yashica 635 - why lens sharpness sometimes doesn't matter in medium format

More Warhol news and Warhol-with-a-camera shots because we can't get enough

Test shot

Shoppers Drug Mart film Easypix 400 ASA

What is depressing...

What the heck is a M42 to K/AR adapter any how?

Notes on the Canon Super Sure Shot AF35ML or Autoboy Super

How to hold a camera - because it can never be said enough

Another image of Warhol holding a camera

Cameras taking pictures of cameras

Loaded Vito B with Voigtlander filter, lens hood, and accessory rangefinder

Score! Canon Super Sure Shot AF35ML and a Konica AF3!

With a Konica 40mm f1.8 Hexanon