Nikon AF 600 or Lite Touch

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I am always disturbed to see discarded images of real, and presumably, living persons at the thrift store. Forgotten. Sad. I can't help but feel its there because of an act of hate or self-hatred. Why is the boy with the nice smile there?
This is shot with a Nikon AF600 which I sought out for a long time. I still haven't given it a thorough work out.

It has a 28mm at a maximum aperture of f3.5. It can focus as close as 14 inches.

A run-down on fine and not-so hot Nikon P&S can be found

and here, if you read French.

In the picture below, it's the one in the top left corner:

Point and Shoots

This is a specs table from poindexter, WHO:

Production date 1993
Camera type 35mm autofocus lens-shutter camera
Picture format Normal 24mm x 36mm, Panorama 13mm x 36mm
Lens type Nikon 28mm f/3.5, 3 elements in 3groups
Lens cover Opens/closes automatically with power button ON/OFF
Shutter Programmed electronic shutter; also serves as diaphragm blades
Max aperture f/3.5
Min aperture f/16
Min shutter speed 1/4 sec.
Max shutter speed 1/25th sec.
Shooting distance 0.35m – infinity (1.1 feet – infinity)
Film speed DX-coded film automatically set to ISO 100, 200, 400 or 1000
Focusing Active autofocus system. Infinity Focus – locks focus at infinity
Auto focus lock Yes.
Autofocus confirmation Yes, red.
Hot shoe or pc sync No.
Self timer One or two self timer shots at 10 second intervals.
Viewfinder Real-image viewfinder; 0.28X magnification; finder coverage (at 3m) approx. 82%
Viewfinder display Normal/panorama format, frame lines.
LCD display Flash, frame counter, low battery indicator, timer, infinity focus
Film loading Auto
Auto rewind Yes, with mid roll override.
Rewind time (24 exp) n/a
Auto shut off Yes. ~ 3 minutes
Metering system ?
Exposure compensation No.
Built in flash Yes, GN 7 (ISO 100 in meters). Auto-flash, red eye, slow sync
Flash recycle time ~ 3 seconds
Tripod socket Yes
Ergonomics Fair
Shutter lag Fair
Battery One 3V (CR123A)
Est. battery life Approx 23 roll of 24 exp., 18 rolls of 36 exp.
Body construction Plastic
Filter ring No
Dimensions (W) 108mm x (H) 62mm x (D) 32mm
Weight 155g


  1. I really like your choices! Great little camera! I am in the process of shooting Kodachrome with an AF600 (it's the only Nikon I own and I wanted to live out the song!). Since the manual says that the camera automatically sets the ISO to 200 when it reads a DX code of 64, I taped a little piece of 2-stop filter over the exposure window. That should get me close at ISO 50. There is a great little lens on that camera.

  2. crazy! be sure to let me know how they turn out.


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