Auto Chinon 50mm f1.4 K-Mount

Auto Chinon 50mm f1.4 K-Mount, originally uploaded by *jj*.

Sometimes one comes across a piece of gear that is so intriguing one can't resist it.

While I'm not a stranger to f1.4 primes, this one drew me in. It is a Chinon, not exactly a Takumar or a Hexanon (those are the ones I have) nevertheless, I had to buy it. It wasn't cheap. It was attached to a DAMAGED k1000 and they wouldn't sell it to me separate.

So I bought the whole kit and immediatedly donated the body back. What can you do?

I thought I'd post it because I haven't seen any online and thought it might add to the collective photographica knowledge.

Auto Chinon 50mm f1.4 side


  1. can work with DSLR like K-X ???

  2. I have one of these!!! It was from my father and now is mine, it has at least 30 years and is still like new. Now i have attached to a Chinon CE-4 camera.

  3. hey should definitely work on a pentax dslr.


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