C Z Jena 58mm f2 lens with Konica Autoreflex TC with a Konica M42 Adapter

This lens is in rough shape. The classic dried grease problem.

I plan to take it apart and give it a good cleaning. This is the kind of lens I don't mind mucking with.

I just read here about how underneath the first ring, one may find another ring with a scraped off Carl Zeiss. In the post-war period, Carl Zeiss Stuggart took exception the flood of Carl Zeiss Jena product from East Germany. For the East German cameras and lens to be sold in the West, the items were required to stop violating Carl Zeiss in Stuggart's trademark.

I'm glad I've added this as I haven't really put this body in the mix before either. I've decided to make my Konica Autoreflex TC the official M42 body in this household.