How not to take a picture of a camera for craigslist

I usually try not to let it bother me.

But too often people attempt to sell or perhaps unsell cameras on craigslist.

As a person who supports the gear acquiring habit by also gear selling, I can't imagine how certain postings would appeal to anyone who loves cameras.

I like buying cameras from people who love cameras. I don't like paying a ton. I prefer if it's more like an adoption. It occurs for the good of the camera. I think you might know what I mean.

So how is it even close to a good idea to sell a camera like the ad posted above? It shows disregard for potential buyers.

It demonstrates zero interest in the object sold. I'm sure its just junk to the seller who is greedy enough to think they will find someone callow enough to buy their camera.

I say don't buy it. Even if you want a Minetta, whatever that is.

Sometimes, you find value in a camera because the person doesn't know what they're selling (but is it fair?). I do it. But when it comes to older cameras, I like to treat them and the seller with respect.

But is the seller's duty. Show what they look lke as well as you can online. Not a bad idea. I, mean, you're trying to sell a camera. A photograph would be nice, right?

Here are a few other thoughts about good camera selling methods for craigslist:

  • 1. Show a decent picture of the lens. Try to take the lens cap off the lens.
  • 2. Accurately post the brand, model and other significant details - for a body that means shutter speeds, shutter type (cloth or metal), metering options - for a lens I like to know about focal length, minimum focus distance, and aperture range.
  • 3. How about a name? Just a first name if you're worried about security. Even a fake male name if you are a woman. Just something so people can address you properly. I always feel my morale sink when I'm forced to simply say, "Hi, my name is JJ, I'm calling about the XXXX camera." Okay, you know what, it's not too bad. But if you're a man what's wrong with giving out a first name?
  • 4. Telling buyers you've been online checking ebay and really know the value of the camera you are selling only let's the buyer know you know NOTHING about the camera you are selling or its value. They are the last people I want to deal with and I never do.
  • 5. It's okay to know nothing about a a camera you know nothing about - but then sell it for a price you think is fair (I call this internal pricing, if you feel good, it's good a price). I've sold lots of gear for less than the going price and have felt no qualms. It's all about Karma.
  • 6. Saying "thanks for looking" is always polite.

Lots of people who buy gear do it for fun. Trying to make it a pleasant experience for yourself and your buyers just adds a little civility to the whole interaction. Plus, if you are a camera fanatic, you might just make a like-minded friend.

Thanks for looking.


  1. i'm beginning to wonder if it's even a real camera. is it supposed to be jewelry?


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