Konica TC-X

Konica TC-X, originally uploaded by *jj*.
Okay. Here is the deal: I own two Konica Autoreflex T3N slr bodies. I also have the Konica Autoreflex T4 and its little sister the Konica TC.

All of them are fully mechanical cameras. All of them use wonky mercury batteries or expensive modern replacements. Then I came across the above camera, TC-X. Usually I ignore late generation AR-mount cameras but there was something about it.

Maybe it was the 50mm f1.8 (1.8? I thought they only came in 1.7s, 1.4s?). I gave it a whirl. Incredible find.

Unlike all the other mechanical Konica SLR, this one takes an easy to find batteries for the light meter, the 1.5V AAA. It took a good half hour to get the light meter back to life and start working again but it does. And meters well against my Sekonic.

Though this body is made by Cosina and is plastic, it doesn't bother me at all. It's fully mechanical and it takes AR lens. It's light. It isn't a family heirloom like my chrome T3N. It's a perfect knock around camera.

The 50mm f1.8 was so bad I threw it in the bin (I couldn't bear to sell it to anyone). But I think it looks rather nice with the 40mm F1.8. Don't you?


  1. The 40mm/1,8 is a jewel.
    I use it with the FS-1. I read a review of the FS-1/40mm in the first photo magazine I ever bought, The ColorFoto of September 1979 (1979? 1979!). The reviewer was very enthusiastic and when I got one in 2008 I felt like him.

  2. I have used the 40/1.8 but never found it fantastic. I have always preferred the 50/1.7 : the best value 50mm lens I know, and I know a few of them...

    1. The 50 1.7 is a world beater. But the 40mm is cute and tiny and more rare and mine, all mine, finally.


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