Nikon L135AF, not quite the real thing

I nearly always snatch up cameras bearing Nikon's L35 badge.

The original and first Nikon point and shoot was the Nikon L35AF. It came out in 1983. It is one of my favourite cameras (above image, top). It has the amazing Sonnar-type 35mm f2.8 formula.

But on my most recent trip to Sechelt I came across this odd model, the Nikon L135AF (above image, bottom). It came out in 1984 and may be Nikon's second point and shoot model. One add from Popular photography says it sold for $94.50 US in 1984. The solid, metal body Nikon L35AF sold for $123.50.

The L135AF was also called the Nice-Touch. If you want to see how it shot, you can visit my one best frame from the camera.

Nikon only as a few terse notes on this camera. Also, visit this nice collection of Nikon compact cameras in chronological order to see it in the overall Nikon chronology.

The tech specs:

ASA ISO: 100, 200, 1000
Shutter Speed: possible 1/37 to 1/700
Lens: 4 lenses in 3 groups
Minimum focusing distance: 1.2 metres
Aperture range: f3.5 to f13.7 (which I find very odd)