It's been a while... but hey look, a clean Nikon FM and an E Series Lens

I am beginning to see a pattern.

Yesterday, I was short-listed for a Canadian literary award, the Charles Taylor Prize for Non-fiction, for my book, The Measure of a Man, and, indeed, I bought a camera.

As I did the last time for the Governor-General's Literary Awards.

This time I came across this nearly untouched Nikon FM. The lens had been put incorrectly and never used. After I cajoled the lens off both were in perfect working order. Probably my best camera find ever. I feel like I already won a prize.

I used to own a Nikon FM2N. Black. But, as I've mentioned before, I traded it for Konica gear. The camera played a prop in one of my favourite photographs of one of my sons. I miss his pudgy little fingers. He's getting lanky now.


  1. Congratulations! The FM was my first serious camera and I still admire it´s handling and feeling. The Series E 50mm is a underrated lens. I own two and they are my most used Nikkors.


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