More about the Hanimex 35 Micro Flash

Hanimex 35 Micro Flash

It's long gone from my collection but here are notes I made of it on Flickr in 2009:

Hanimex 35 Micro Flash
In form it is reminiscent of the Minox, the Cosina CX-2, and the Lomo LC-A.I found it with battery leak crud. I was able to open the bottom plate/battery storage area and clean it up.
It takes two AAA batteries and guess what? The flash works.It is now loaded with Kodak BW400CN.ISO settings are 64, 100 and 400. (Rightly so. Why does any company make 200 ASA film?)
For aperture setting, you can make set it at sunny, cloudy, overcast and flash (interior/low light).At the flash aperture setting, the camera opens fully to F2.8. I would have preferred it if it went to f8 in flash mode as I don't trust my zone focusing abilities and often revert to using flashes and smaller apertures even on sunny days.
It sounds like it has only one shutter speed but a French site says it shoots at either 1/60 or 1/200. There is a CDS light sensor beside the viewfinder. It may only control the amount of light from the flash.
Another Italian site says it has an electronic shutter but I was able to make it fire without batteries -- that's why I bought it.On the back is toggle for no flash or flash. Note, the front flash setting only controls the aperture. The flash won't fire without the front and back controls set on flash.