My Grandfather's Farm

He's not well so my entire family, siblings, their spouses and their children converged on the family homestead so we could be together.

While there I was desperate to photodocument a man and a place that I love dearly. It was a grey day but nevertheless it was a beautiful sight to see my twin boys rolling in the flattened, gold grass on the fallow fields.

They visited the pond as I once did as a boy and pondered where the river would take them if they strung a raft together and packed a lunch.

The images are roughly scanned and crudely edited but I think they are good irregardless. Taken on a Konica Autoreflext T4 with a 40mm f1.8 Hexanon. The film was Ilford XP2 400 ASA shot as 160 ASA, as is my habit.

The bottom image is of my mother.