By the way, if you don't know, I like Nikon L35AFs

Here are a few reasons I like it so. Hint: one is because they're so pretty...


  1. Hellooo, can I ask you something about a film camera? I have bought Olympus Quick Flash AFL which has an internal battery and I don't know how to replace it. Do you have this model? Do you have any advice? Can you give me a piece of information? The camera looks so classic and I like it so much. I also want to use it. I will be really thankful if you reply me. My e-mail is numero139(at) Thank you very much! :)
    PS. I have bought is in a very very cheap price for a camera like this. Please please answer me. THanks a lot!

    1. This is a million years too late...
      But if you are crafty enough, you can create your own battery connectors for the two lithium three volt batteries to make it run.
      You would most likely need a couple of springs and a few strips of conductive metal to do it.


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