What's wrong with this picture - look at how he's holding the camera

I have no problem with the highly anticipated Fuji X100 camera. In fact, I lust after it (though I will write a piece soon about why I should be happy sticking with my Nikon D40).

And I have no problem with PhotoRadar.

However, the photograph accompanying the article is driving me nuts.

Digital cameras have ruined people.

That's not the way a person holds a viewfinder/af rangefinder camera. This is what happens when people are used to holding camera 18 inches from their face.

Please. always, cradle a camera, a la Bresson (right).

Even if you're camera is very small, it's always good to have part of your right hand underneath the baseplate AND to have both hands interlocked or touching each other for stability.


  1. Hi again,
    I couldn't agree more with what you wrote about digital cameras ruining people... This is especially noticeable with people that never used film.


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