What lenses does Ron Galella use

Gear heads want to know sometimes.

I understand, I am one.

I know it doesn't make ones pictures better because you use the same specs as someone you admire but, well, I'm still a gearhead.

For example, it has been asked, what does Ron Galella (Brando, Jackie O, Stallone, and, of course, Warhol), paparazzo, use?

Well...recent photos of the photographer, during the promotion of his latest photo books, show him using (best guess by looking at some portraits of Galella by others) a Nikon Nikkor AF 24-85mm AF D zoom on a Nikon D100.

Interesting note: at this site http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ron_Galella.jpg one can find the exif info for his camera which has been turned on him for a promo shot.

The camera is indeed a D100 and the focal length does support the 24mm part of the zoom range. It is possible the lens could be a 24-70mm but that lens's barrel is very long.

The lens on Galella's camera behind a funny Brando shot is (only a best guess) a Nikkor-H  Auto with a Nippon Kogaku Japan tag but I can't tell what the focal length or maximum aperture is. The serial number might suggest it is a 5cm with an aperture of F2. To figure it out: check out the fairly hi-res image.

Then cruise around the Mir Nikon resource site!

UPDATE - Another possibility is a NIKKOR-N Auto 24 mm f/2.8. The letter after Nikkor is really hard to read!