Olympus Trip AF specifications

Olympus Trip AF, originally uploaded by *jj*.

I've posted this camera before.

I have yet to take pictures with it. It indeed uses AAA batteries. I prefer cameras that use AA. I really need to get AAA rechargers.

But I have found the Olympus Trip AF specificiations. I think this camera is too often maligned as a cheap exploitation of the great Trip brand name.

Note however the camera sports the Zuiko lens tag. Even the Infinity Stylus - MJU's don't have Zuiko lenses. One advantage over the original Trip is it has an on-board flash. The body is smaller. Also, I don't enjoy walking around with my Trip 35 with the fear my selenium meter running out for good. One has to make the awkward choice between using a lens cap at all times or letting the selenium drain.

The Olympus Trip AF skirts around all this. Hmmm, I've nearly convinced myself to load it with some film:

If you want to check out the original Olympus Trip 35 specifications (click to make it bigger):

And of course, David Bailey shilling the Original:

And here he is again selling the AF-10 or Infinity Jr.