Olympus Trip 35 Instructions and depth of field

Okay. Today I did buy a camera just because it came with instructions.

Here they are:

One thing to note about the Olympus Trip 35's 40mm lens is it has no depth of field markers. Nor do the instructions provide a chart.

For a viewfinder camera, with no way easy way to confirm a subject is in focus (unless using a measuring tape or counting paces is considered easy),  knowing the depth of field at any of the Trip's aperture settings, f2.8 to f22 would be a great feature.

One way to get the information is to refer to the Online Depth of Field Calculator. But one can't walk around with it, can they, unless an iPhone app is created (not a bad idea).

Another solution is to refer to a lens chart with the same focal length. The great Malaysian photo site has an nice post about the  Olympus pancake 40mm for SLR (Zuiko AUTO-S 40mm f/2.0).

More importantly, they posted a DoF chart which can be used by the Olympus Trip 35 user.

I've cleaned it up and posted it below.

Just print it out and stick in on the film door. But you might need a magnifying glass.