Douglas Coupland and David Wilkes

Douglas Coupland and David Wilkes, originally uploaded by *jj*.
I've known David for the last four or five years. He is a fine tailor in the bespoke tradition. Look him up if you need a suit of the highest couture quality.

Douglas Coupland I've only corresponded with until this December when we attended the launch of a fashion line for Aritzia which David served as the pattern maker and Yumi Eto, as the creative director.

The image was made with an early Canon point and shoot, the Canon New Sure Shot aka Autoboy II or Canon AF35M II. Not high art, but fun to have.

The best part is the writer took the time to take a picture of David and me. Obviously, I am horsing around in the photo. I don't really suck on the arms of my glasses. They are nearly cemented to my face. Sigh. I wish I was taller.