Fred Herzog - with my Yashica 635

Fred Herzog - with my Yashica 635, originally uploaded by *jj*.

This is an old pic but it always catches people's attention.

I've re-uploaded this picture taken two years ago after an interview at CBC Vancouver. A few months later, I bumped into him at Leo's Camera Supplies. He was buying Fuji 800 ASA rolls. I presume it was Superia. He seemed apologetic. "Just for family photos," as if to excuse the film choice.

Strange enough, he did mention he favours faster films and faster shutter speeds. He seems very interested in sharpness. That's what I gleaned.

Quite the joker. I asked if I could take another picture (with a Nikon L35AF2 aka One Touch) and he went behind the counter and pretended to sell me a Leica III.

The above photo is actually outside the CBC building in Vancouver where I used to work (I only file a weekly column for them now). It was taken in 2008..

If you don't know who Fred Herzog is, check out the Vancouver gallery that represents him, Equinox.