Loaded Vito B with Voigtlander filter, lens hood, and accessory rangefinder

I sold my Nikon FM on the weekend. The buyer, who is a new avid going through that Internet heavy research that I went through when I started, told me Shoppers Drug Mart house branded film is Fuji. It used to be Life Brand (I think) but now it's called Easy Pix.

So, I bought a three-pack of 24 exp. Maybe, it will Reala! More likely Superia, which is not a fine grain film but hey it's film.

In any case, it finally gives me a chance to shoot the Color Skopar with colour film.


  1. I live in Toronto Ontario and haven't seen film in Shoppers Drug Mart in years. Anyone know which stores carry it?

  2. Hi Anon: I'm sure the Shoppers Drug Mart stores that offer film development will sell it. I just looked up a bulletin string that mentions two Shoppers that develop film in the GTA: "Shoppers Drug Mart: two locations - @ Mohawk / Up. Wellington, and @ Mud Str... 3$ on site" I hope that helps.

    1. Hi JJ,

      Thanks for replying. After my posting, I was able to find a SDM that sold film so I picked up a 3 pack EasyPix 400. However, I haven't tried it yet.

      I became interested in film photography early this year so one of my past times have been searching for old cameras in thrift stores and then trying them out. I have been lucky because I have been able to find real scores such as the Canon AF35ML, Nikon L35AF, Olympus mju ii, Olympus EC and Minolta AF-C. There are actually too many to mention and I consider them all scores :) My collection is over 30 cameras at this time.

      Currently, I am trying the Nikon L35AF using expired film. Once finished, I might try the Canon AF35ML or the Olympus EC with fresh film to baseline their performance. It will be interesting to compare our assessment of the Canon since we are both using the same film.



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