Cameras taking pictures of cameras

I am building bikes these days and one way of funding the work is to sell a few of my cameras including this Zeiss Ikon Contina with a 45mm f3.5 Novar lens. Quite a looker.

Posting the cameras (I try to look on the bright side) for sale, offers an opportunity to take pictures of them.

This time I used a Konica Hexanon 50mm f1.8 f1.7 mounted on the Nikon D40. It's not a perfect fit. Nothing locks. But the flanges do slip into each other enough to take a few frames.

I'm always stunned by how full and round (not scientific or based in optical science, I admit) the Hexanon lenses are. I mean the focusing ring in the top image is just fine. It floors me - and it's the lens not me.