How to hold a camera - because it can never be said enough

  1. Your finger should rest on the shutter release (not hover over it). This prevents you from jabbing at the release.
  2. Your left hand should cradle the lens and part of the base plate. This helps support the main weight of the camera.
  3. It's always good to have any part of both your hands, even a right pinkie and a left knuckle, in contact. This provides stability.
  4. Notice the strap. It is looped over his wrist. Cartier-Bresson (above) could snap his camera like a yo-yo and once used the technique to stun an attacker (not an exaggeration).
Of course, this way of holding a camera reflects a type of functionality. With auto focus functions even the great cradler of cameras would begin to move their hands away from the lens.

At least, HCB doesn't hold the camera as if it were a digital camera.