Shoppers Drug Mart film Easypix 400 ASA

I finally had a chance to develop the Easypix film from Shoppers Drug Mart.

I shot the film with a Color Skopar 50mm f3.5 on the Voigtlander Vito B viewfinder. The results are quite nice considering how adverse the lighting situations I found myself in. One shot involved a dark elevator. The other had heavy duty back lighting.

I scan pretty roughly but I can safely say the film may very well be Fuji Superia X-tra as rumour has it. It certainly has the graininess of typical of that film.

In the past, when shooting colour 135 film (aka 35mm ), I have tended towards Kodak's Ektar 100 and Fuji's Reala. The Ektar has always been a very saturated film (which I like for outdoor summery). Reala seems to me more smooth and a bit more quiet. With Reala, I taken some of my favourite colour images (see pic below).


That said, I am itching to try the 200 ASA Easypix film which should be the same as Fuji Superia 200 ASA film. I don't think I've really shoot seriously with Superia 200 and I hope it is a bit of a sleeper.

As for the Easypix 400, it's okay. Though, I will hold back on a FINAL verdict as I shot another roll of the 400 on the Canon Super Sure Shot AF35ML.

You never know.