From the Vancouver Camera Show

There are three important days for my photography and camera collecting calendar.

One is the Hyack Parade, New Westminster's spring rite and festival. I've been photographing the participants for my social documentary project for the last five years.

The other red letter day is actually every weekend during the summer where I play with the boys at the beach AND continue my At The Beach (ever-changing working title) series.

The third big day is the Vancouver Camera Show. I had a long list of things I wanted to get if I could afford it but, alas, I couldn't.

I did however find another Nikon L35AF. I have three now. I bought it for $2. Which is a great price for one. Though I am willing to buy rather beat up shooter versions.

The other find is above: the Voigtlander Vito B with a 50mm, f3.5 Color Skopar.

I am very excited about this camera as I've been hankering for a Color Skopar or Tessar viewfinder camera for the last few months. What makes this a terrific camera is it has no selenium meter.

For a user, it is hard for a compulsive guy like me to carry a selenium camera with the nagging feeling (it's not an unfounded feeling, it is indeed a fact) that the irreplaceable meter is being drained.

That's why you haven't seen many shots from my three Olympus Trip 35, Olympus XA1, Werra II or Agfa Optima. All of them use selenium.

This camera, which I bought for $45, is guilt free. No draining light meter. No batteries to worry about. And as you may know about me, I don't mind the Vito B is the next camera to load with film.

I have discussed some interesting pointers for how to shop for one and I will compile them together and post soon.

I hope you either took great pictures or found great cameras today.