Konica EE Matic Rangefinder 40mm F2.8 Konishiroku Hexanon

This is the first of the EE Matic series and was produced in 1963. The run may have gone until 1965 when the EE Matic Deluxe was introduced.

Apparently, this camera has a shutter speed range of 1/30 to 1/250. The lens is a 40mm f2.8 Hexanon with a Konishiruko tag, my first camera to have it.

The focus range is 3 feet to infinity.

ISO range is 10 ASA! to 200 ASA.

The filter thread is 49mm.

The camera is auto exposure or aperture priority  (I am wrong: the aperture setting is for use with a flash. According to one Japanese camera blogger, the shutter speed in flash mode is 1/60).

In auto mode, the shutter will lock under low light. A red flag will appear in the viewfinder window.

Unlike later EE Matic's this 1963 version does not indicate shutter speed in the viewfinder.

In auto exposure mode, one should press the shutter release half down before firing. This allows the aperture to stop down before the shutter fires. 

Pressing the release too quickly may cause the auto exposure shot to be taken at f2.8 as the shutter may open and close before the aperture stops down.

That said, the selenium meter works which is happiness.

April 6 - I did find a Japanese blogger who documented a visit through the innards of the camera. The Google translator works nicely but I wish I could read it in Japanese.

If you are looking for an overall semi-official history of Konica, check out Kenko's timeline of both Konica and Minolta.


  1. Hey, this is the ONLY BLOG that i find information of this camera (all the blogs talks about konica deluxe). Can you tallme how to change the speed shutter speed??? Thanks!. Fernando from Argentina

  2. Hi Fernando, you can't change the shutter speed manually. The light meter selects both aperture and shutter speed based on the light reading on the selenium meter.

    I'm not sure what the program does with each EV value. However I suspect the aperture will set between stops. Because the selenium meter simply controls a needle.

    Above I've mentioned two alleged speeds and a guess that the flash sync shutter speed is 1/60. So your only options are auto ranging between 1/30 to 1/250 and set at 1/60 if you decide to select your own aperture in maual flash sync mode.

  3. I mean "manual flash sync mode."

  4. Oh! thanks for clarifying my thinking, so... You can explain me, how the "AUTO" works, beacouse, i just, put on in.. (Put the Needle in Auto) and then, when i'm press the shutter, just doesn't work. The red light appears in the viewfinder, but,I do not know what would supposedly happen. Thanks!

  5. In auto mode the galvanometer´s needle (invisible from the view finder)mecanically select the proper speed when the trigger is pushed halfway through. The given speed is visibel in the view finder via a linkage coupled needle. If You don´t get proper speed the selenium meter is dead or soon to be. Those meters are often too exhausted today. Clever mecanism but need the trigger to be handled with care and not too fast. Good camera built like brick and a good weapon against bears and like. As for what it was supposed to less practical with rotten light sealings and no parallax control and fancy things You find in better range finders like canonets, c35 or minolta hi-matics to mention some

  6. The German mail order firm Quelle also sold a version of this under their Revue brand as the AUTO-Matic. The lens is labeled as a Hexar in the Quelle/Revue version.

    1. Thanks for the info. I'll double check mine and make sure it's actually a Hexanon and not a Hexar. JJ

  7. Hi. I just want to ask if you have a soft copy of the manual for this camera. All I could find online were manuals for the Deluxe one but the one I bought is for the earlier unit. I hope you still answer comments on this blog. Thanks!


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