Back when a film camera sensor dream was still alive

The RE-35 | Digital cartridges for analog 35-mm cameras prank from a few weeks ago was annoying.

While no camera maker would ever try to develop such a product, it would be great if an Impossible Project-styled digital sensor effort for film cameras would emerge.

Back in 1998 (above), there were dreams of bringing such a product to market by a company called Imagek. It later became Silicon Film.

I really think Kodak should try to build a black and white sensor emulating Tri-X. It's innovative and would elevate the brand. The miniaturization and power issues would be fascinating. Selling digital Tri-X might not make good product engineering but it would be great branding. I think it would sell.

There are actual reason to make a dedicated b&w sensor but I won't get into it here.

Okay. I'll stop day dreaming.

Left is a sample of the EFS-1 in action a decade ago.

Here is part of the technology's sad history.


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