Great ideas: Olympus mounted a wallpaper site of its classic cameras and Fuji explains why they designed a fixed focal length non-collapsible camera, X-100

It's a pretty good piece of copy writing with bullets explaining the features and benefits.

And it WORKS. I want one.

But for now I'm happy with the recently acquired Olympus Trip 35 (below). I owned one in the past but then gave it away. I bought another with the thought of fixing it. Not so good, so far.

But this one came in mint. With a home-made lens cap which means the selenium light meter is working. Intriguing similarity between them.

Other news: Olympus has a great wallpaper site. Check out their two Trip images.

Olympus Trip 35

Remember, if your camera comes with selenium light meter (think Agfa Optima or Silette, certain Voigtlanders, Werras) they need to be kept in the dark or it will exhaust the cell.