Agfa Optima Ia with Agnar lens

Agfa Optima Ia with Agnar lens, originally uploaded by *jj*.

The Agnar is a triplet lens design, 45mm, f2.8. I'm not sure how it differs from the Apotar, another standard triplet for Agfa. The difference may have been the widest aperture possible with the design. Apotar designs, my guess, are able to go wider.

This camera I bought for $20. I shouldn't have. One top plate screw slotted into a broken body flange (?). There was nothing to screw into.

I had to glue a plastic piece on the body to give the screw something to catch.

Also, the plastic gasket over the light meter sensor was shot. It was a brittle plastic that snapped off. I haven't found the right replacement for it.

I post the new Trip soon.

Good things to say: lens is very clean and the meter works! Was going to shoot with it but the came across a minty Olympus Trip 35 yesterday. It may have jumped the cue.

Also still have the Yashica Electro 35 CC and the Olympus Infinity Jr. (aka AF-10 Super, because you can turn off the auto-flash) in the shooting queue.

It is very Voigtlander-esque. I've been looking for a Vito C in Color Skopar. This is an emotional place-holder.

The thing one should not is the build quality is quiet poor. I had an Agfa Super Silette and it had a strong - if crude - build. Nevertheless, it could last.

This body is plasticky. I wouldn't go for this camera if one is lusting for a true classic German viewfinder 4 element/3 group camera.