Asahi Pentax 6x7

Asahi Pentax 6x7, originally uploaded by *jj*.
This comes as a great find with a sad story.

My favourite camera/film shop is winding up on Dec. 31. I found on Wednesday.

It's called Fotofun in New Westminster.

They didn't have a wide selection of film but they were knowledgeable about cameras. They kept an odd collection of used film cameras. I bought my Canon A2 EOS from them. I also bought my Nikon L35AF2 from them.

That camera sent me on a journey many excellent and interest point and shoots.

I also bought my Nikon D40 there.

They weren't the best lab in the world but when they knew the negs or prints were mine, they always took the time to make as nice as they could.

They often let me borrow a stool so I could set on the street corner for my odd street shooting project (Welcome to Royal City).

Once, while trying to buy used gear, a customer told me she had Konica gear for me.

A day later she left it at the shop for me. Unscrupulous retailers would have tried to claim a consignment fee - the guys at Fotofun were always excellent and welcoming to me and my boys.

I bought the Pentax 6x7 there this week. Broken but beautiful. The shutter works. Missing a film key for the bottom plate. Still lovely.

I wish the people at Fotofun the best of luck.

Their online web business will continue through their ebay shop, Digitial Image Center.