Zeno Fenkl, the very camera promiscuous blogger, is going steady. He is spending the YEAR with just ONE camera and one type of film. This is certainly a change of pace because I've come to know him as a very versatile user of many vintage cameras he finds in the flea markets of Germany, which he posts at ClassiCameras.

It will be documented at Rollei 35 and Polypan F. It is an exploration, in my mind, of what familiarity with a tool and a medium may bring to the photographic experience.

This can only happens when someone finds the right camera for them.

Then it's all about understanding the nuances of the equipment and having an intuitive feel of how to use it. Good luck, Zeno.

I look forward to the results.


  1. Thank you JJ, your words are very encouraging!
    I still don´t know whether I can stand the whole year with one camera and one film, but the more rolls I shoot, the more I feel free. I only have to think about the picture!
    I shot (nearly) only B&W with different cameras in 2009 and back in 2005/6 I used pinholecameras exclusively for nearly one year, so limitations in shooting are not new for me.


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