Olympus AFL - (my non-functioning Chinon replacement)

Olympus AFL, originally uploaded by *jj*.

Olympus AFL
Okay, this is the camera on the cover of Warhol by Galella:That's Great.

The camera was the first to use a lithium battery. Weirdly, it was not replaceable in the normal, you take it out and put one in.

The batteries were seen as semi-permanent. You have to unscrew the battery compartment and rip out the old batteries. There are no provisions for providing contact to new batteries. You have to pull out a solder.

I don't have one. But I will. And when I'm done, I'll modify it so it will far simpler to replace the batteries.

Historical note, two boxes of these cameras were found in Warhol's house immediately after he died.

They were documented in photographs taken of his dining room.


  1. I recently bought one by mistake! it came with some other cameras! Now that i read this i know something about this cool camera! Thanks for what you are doing!! Compliments from a Portuguese that lifes in stuttgart germany!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I need a soldering element so I can rig up my AFL. This summer I'll do it.

  3. Just picked one up at a flea market. Can't wait to use it, there can't be many still in use. Just ordered CR123A lithium batteries for it, wonder if they'll last five years as stated in the ads when this camera came out?

    1. Have you replace the battery to CR123A lithium batteries?

  4. Bought this one by mistake not knowing they use a semi-permenant lithium battery. Now i know why they sell it for cheap !


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