From the past: Control booth, CBC, Vancouver

Control booth, originally uploaded by *jj*.
Taken May 2008.

I used to work for a network radio show. This was the last episode with a host who represented a long chain of iconic Canadian broadcasters.

I photo-documented that morning. It was the end of an era.

The person in the photography was the engineer/producer. A very talented and beautiful woman. Funny too.

Technical note, I shot with three cameras that day: Mamiyaflex C2, a Canon GL-19 III and a Yashica J rangefinder (not SLR).

The requirement was no mirror slap, no flashes.

I shot at a variety of high ASA (it was super dark - what do you expect, the show starts at 6AM and we're in the sub, sub basement!) including: 12 800 ASA.

This I believe this is with the Yashica (45mm, f2.8). I do like Yashinon lenses.