Chinon 35F-MA Infrafocus

Of course writing about a camera at length often become a precursor to buying one.

This is what I think of as the Andy Warhol camera as it is featured in Chris Makos book on Warhol's trip to China.

This is a great little camera. It has a battery check on the on/off dial. The autofocus as a scale focus display in the viewfinder which lets you know if the infrared system has locked on properly (much like the Nikon L35AF and unlike the early Canon Sure Shots). It also has a minimum focus of 2.9 feet which is excellent for an early compact auto focus camera.

I found the camera in Sechelt, BC. It came with two aux. lenses (wide and tele). My test roll film was Kodak BW400CN set at 160ASA and I was very pleased with the results.



  1. Thanks for posting this. I bought one on ebay, no axillary lenses, but with the strange original lens cover. I shot a roll of Kodachrome with it first. it turned out amazing. I am putting a roll of Ektachrome in it right now.

  2. hi
    i have a chinon 35f-ma but as soon as i turn it on the winder keeps advancing over and over again - endlessly until i turn it off - any ideas on how to fix this....???

    1. Is is advancing or rewinding? It's been a while since I used mine, but I think it has an automatic rewind function. I guess you've probably gotten it figured out by now though.

  3. I just picked one up, II like the focus.


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