Yashica T2 Kyocera with Carl Zeiss 35mm f3.5 Tessar T*

Yashica T2 (Kyocera)


Finally developed some test rolls. I've been buying more cameras than shooting lately but now the book is finished (first draft) I can take more images.

I bought this Yashica T2 for too much. $30. I suppose I could have gone hunting at the thrifts but I felt I should grab it. Of course I didn't notice the broken battery door. What's missing is a small piece of plastic catching the latch. Haven't figured out how to repair it.

I shot the above by having the battery door taped down (very dorky).

I enjoy the lens but find the need to use a "no flash" button annoying. Also, I think the minimum focusing distance around three feet. A tad too far. But, that's part of Tessar's lens design limitations.


  1. hey I'm having some trouble figuring out the buttons on my yashica t2. Is an indicator image supposed to pop up in the viewfinder when you presh the "no flash" button? my flash buttons dont seem to show any indication whether they are selected or not. thanks!

  2. Great pic, have to use mine now also!


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