Consolation prize

I bought this camera as a present to myself for getting nominated for a Governor General's Literary Award in Non-fiction - a humble banged-up Zenit-B with a very desirable Industar 50-2 50mm f3.5 lens with a M-42 mount.

I suppose if I had won the prize, though Charlie Foran is exceedingly deserving of the honour for his biography of Mordecai Richler, I would have purchased a Mamiya Press camera or a Mamiya C330 with a prism finder. I'm not quite enjoying my waist-level Yashica 635 TLR lately and I have kept my out for other medium format cameras of late.

But there is a big difference between being a nominee and a winner.

Yet I'm happy to have this little Tessar formula knock-off from Kiev. I took a few pictures with it in Montreal and Toronto during my book tour. Will develop the film soon.

I shot with it mostly wide open on a Konica Autoreflex T4 body and a real-life Konica M42 to AR adapter ring (AR stands for Konica's Autoreflex lens mount).

That lens mount and my favourite lens, a Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.8, were what I received in a trade for a Nikon FM2N and a Nikkor 50mm. Yes, I am Konica crazy.