With the Canon MC

Canon MCNow you may be wondering why the subjects are dead centre with the Canon MC. Well, as in many early auto-focus cameras, they had very crude focus lock systems. While we are used to half-depressing the shutter now (though judging from pictures of some casual shooters even this is too difficult) and multi-point autofocus systems, with cameras like the MC and the New Sure Shot (aka Autoboy 2) you had to engage the self-timer (this triggered the focus lock). Then you had to beat the timer to release the shutter.

Lens quality is okay. Though admittedly I pushed the camera with very slow shutter speeds. I set the 400 speed film at 100 speed.

I like the firmness of the clamshell slide. It doesn't feel prone to breaking off.

I wish it used AA batteries as opposed to AAAs. If it did, I think I would use it more.