D40 double-take

I like my Nikon D40 but not enough to carry it or use all that often.

Besides taking pictures of my cameras, I rarely feel the desire to fire it.

My reasons for overlooking the camera is part aesthetic. I haven't been able to take images with the right feel.

I blame the lens (and the user, too). I have the 18-55mm kit zoom. When I shoot it at around 35mm the minimum aperture is around f3.5. Dislike it immensely.

I know I should try to find an AF-S with a wider maximum f-stop but I wasn't sure if it would be worth the investment. I decided to take a peek at the D40 users group on Flickr. I stumbled across the work of bocianix.

I don't who he is. Or just how he uses his D40 but his images from what seems to be a trip to India are stunning. All shot on a 6.2 megapixel camera.

I might have to get a fixed focal length AF-S Nikkor.