More Warhol news and Warhol-with-a-camera shots because we can't get enough

New York Times' T-Magazine reports a batch of photos by Warhol are on auction right NOW. They are owned by the Hedges Project. Above, is his 1986 image of Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran.
Recent Warhol/camera images....

Ahh. The above image is by David McGough. I've heard about this camera but I hadn't found a hi-res version of it. McGough writes that Warhol holds a point and shoot decorated by Keith Harring. It is identified as a Canon but based on the viewfinder position and the location of the light exposure sensor under the lens I suspect it is an Olympus AFL Picasso from 1983.

Also, because it's so nice, Warhol on the Great Wall by Chris Makos with his camera for that trip, the Chinon Infrafocus 35F-MA.