Another image of Warhol holding a camera

Andy Warhol
by Sonia Fantoli  on Flickr.

It's funny how one accumulates information (I won't say "knowledge") on the internet.

As some may know, I have an interest in point and shoot cameras and a mild obsession with P&S used by Andy Warhol or rather held by the artist in some photographs.

In an number of postings I've tried to identify cameras shown in Warhol portraits. Also, with a modest degree of art historical investigation, I've also tried to identify cameras with which he actually made art work.

So What is a Film Camera posted about my postings about Warhol cameras.In this case it was the Olympus AF-1 Infinity.  He also shot out the camera, which is terrific, as I had yet to do so with mine.

Better yet Richard, accidentally posted a Warhol image avec appareil but it was the wrong Olympus camera, one I had never seen before. A sharp-eyed reader noticed the gaff and identified the model: Olympus OM-77AF.

It was an early auto-focus slr. You can still find the manual at Olympus' site. Strangest detail it has a small pop-up flash at the right-hand that snaps up from the battery grip.

I will post an update on this camera and its place within Warhol chronology and oeuvre. Soon. I promise.


  1. JJ:

    I consider it a small honor to be discussed on your website :)

    1. You're's nice to know I'm not alone with this oddball obsession.

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