University of Delaware exhibits wide spectrum of Andy Warhol's photography

Andy Warhol Polaroid image of Dolly Parton, 1985
On until June 5, at the Old College Gallery at the University of Delaware is a survey of Andy Warhol's photography.

While many would be familiar with Warhol's use of photography in his screen prints and paint works, and how he used serial images to reflect consumer culture and the media, his photography is relatively overlooked.

The current University of Delaware show includes 60 photographs which, one hopes, will expand our knowledge of this aspect of artist's production.

Of course, this blog has always been fascinated by the promiscuity of his camera usage: here, here & here.

If a camera made the job of taking photographs easier, Warhol, it would seem, would give it a try.

His free use of many different camera makes and models parallels his consumptive pattern when it came to auctions and antiques.

For those who can't make it to Newark, Delaware, there is the exhibition catalogue with an essay by Stephen Petersen.