Another Andy Warhol camera

**An image link died here**
I love the camera promiscuity of Andy Warhol. Going through the Galella book I also came across of picture of the artist holding an Olympus AF-1 Nurepika.

He's standing next to early street-cum-gallery artist Keith Haring.

The image link above is dead but recently (August 2012) I came across another interesting image of the Olympus AF-1. Same event but with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon in the frame as well.


  1. We need to get together!
    I suffer from a similar (very similar) camera collection addiction. Picking up or having my eye on many of the same cameras I'm seeing here on your blog.
    Case in point, I recently picked up an Olympus AF-1 as pictured above. My first roll was really disappointing. Although there were a few keepers a lot of the roll was poorly exposed. Any suggestions?


    And I'm serious about getting together for a chat! Name a coffee shop and I'll be there. Would love to meet up.


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